How to view Mobiil-ID validity

If you have a valid Mobiil-ID contract then you can check your Mobiil-ID certificate validity in ID-card utility.

To check Mobiil-ID validity:

  • Run ID-card utility
  • Insert your ID-card to the card reader
  • Press the "Mobiil-ID" button
  • Now a Mobiil-ID status check window will open

  • Choose "Check Mobiil-ID status"
  • Insert the ID-card PIN1 code
  • If your Mobiil-ID service has been activated, then you will see the Mobiil-ID certificate status and expiration date. 
  • Additionally you will also see the Mobiil-ID phone number and mobile operator.

  • If you are not a user of the Mobiil-ID then you will see following pop-up:   



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