Mozilla Firefox and ID-card usage

It is possible that after installing a new version of Firefox or new version of ID-software, some extensions and plugins needed for ID-card are disabled. 

During authentication the user can get an error: 
An error occurred during a connection to ...
SSL peer was unable to negotiate an acceptable set of security parameters.
(Error code: ssl error handshake failure alert / ssl_error_handshake_failure_alert).
During digital signing there is usually no error as the plugin is missing.
NB! Note that you cannot digitally sign in Mozilla Firefox 64bit version because this version does not have the support of NPAPI plugins. Nevertheless, authentication with the ID card does work with the 64bit version.
To be able to use your ID-card with Mozilla Firefox you have to enable the following plugins and extensions:
Open Mozilla Firefox menu by clicking on the 3-lined icon  and choose Add-ons
In the browser Add-on's page you should check if necessary plugins and extensions are enabled.:
1. "Plugins" tab should have the following digital signing plug-in state: "Always Activate":
If its disabled then click "Enable" to allow the Token ... plugin
2. "Extensions"  tab should have the following authentication extension enabled:  
If its disabled then click "Enable" to allow the Estonian ID ... extension
To confirm the changes restart your web browser.
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