Test-DigiDocService - how to use?

DigiDocService is a SOAP-based web service with the aim of facilitating as simple as possible verification of digital signing and signatures and linking of the Mobiil-ID functionality with other information systems. 

We recommend that you use the TEST service for developing and testing new applications. 

Test-DigiDocService at the address https://tsp.demo.sk.ee

  • You can use Mobiil-ID test phone numbers
  • Your can also use your real Mobiil-ID when You previously register the real Mobiil-ID certificates in the TEST service database at demo.sk.ee/MIDCertsReg/
  • Your can also use your real ID-card or test ID-card when You previously register the certificates in the TEST service database at demo.sk.ee/upload_cert/ 
  • ServiceName parameter "Testimine" should be used
  • Technical specification document is available here.
  • Change log is available here.

Using the TEST service is free of charge and there are no limitations on access. You will only need to register the certificate or certificates of the ID-card (digi-ID) in the TEST service database. In order to test the functionality of Mobiil-ID, it is possible to use test phone numbers or your own real Mobiil-ID, provided that you previously register the real Mobiil-ID certificates in the TEST service database.

The sample applications:

  • PHP sample application for signing, http://www.id.ee/?lang=en&id=35788
    • Signing with Mobiil-ID and ID-card without sending datafiles content. Sample is created to demonstrate the ability of DigiDocService to add signature (with ID-card and Mobiil-ID), remove signature, add data file, remove data file and do verification of a document without actual datafiles.
    • supports DDOC and BDOC
    • uses the JavaScript library (idcard.js) for choosing the signing plug-in

Sertifitseerimiskeskus is the service provider of the DigiDocService web service. Information regarding the possibilities for access, prices, etc., of the service can be accessed at http://www.sk.ee/en/services/validity-confirmation-services/.


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