Overview of the EstEID certification hierarchy

This section provides a detailed overview regarding the certification chains used for issuing the ID card, digi-ID, e-resident's digi-ID, mobile ID, digital stamp and other organisation certificates by Sertifitseerimiskeskus.

The certification chains used by SK have three levels:

  • top-level certificate (Juur-SK and EE Certification Centre Root CA)
  • certificates of the certifier (e.g. ESTEID-SK 20011, which are issued by the top-level certifier)
  • end-user certificates (e.g. a person’s certificates added to an ID card that are issued on the basis of ESTEID-SK 20011).

In addition to end-user certificates, the certificates of the certifier have also been previously used to issue the OCSP validity certification service certificates (e.g. ESTEID-SK 2007 OCSP RESPONDER). 

In case of EE Certification Centre Root CA hierarchy the validity certification service (OCSP) certificate (SK OCSP RESPONDER 2011) has been issued by the root certificate.


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