What should I do if certificates do not work after renewing them

You received your ID card or residence permit card in 2011 or later and then you renewed your document certificates in Police and Border Guard Board. In this case to be able to use your ID card or residence permit card, you need to do the following steps:

  • Make sure that you have the latest ID software version (3.12 or later) installed.

Run your ID card utility and click on the Info button. If the software version number is less than 3.12, update your software at https://installer.id.ee;

  • Delete the certificates from the certificate store the system and re-register your ID card certificates.

Instructions for Windows users are available here.

Instructions for Mac OS X users are available here.

  • When logging to e-services or signing documents make sure to use new PIN codes that were issued to you by Police and Border Guard Board after renewal of the certificates.

If you followed the above steps, but still cannot use your ID card or residence permit card, contact the ID card help line team by phone (1777 or +372 677 3377) or email (abi at id dot ee).


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