Google Chrome: Digital signing in e-services fails

Starting from ID-software version 3.10.2 there is a new digital signing component (Token signing extension) for Google Chrome. This new component is required for digital signing in e-services when using Google Chrome version 42 or newer. Because of the new extension there are also changes to the dialog window when enabling digital signing component.  

Install ID-software from website. 

When launching Chrome for the first time after software installation, there is an extension confirmation window regarding the freshly installed extension. 

In this window choose "Enable extension". Restart Chrome.

NB! If you chose "Remove from Chrome" then the extension has to be separately installed from here!

If for some reason you didnt confirm the extension right a way and navigated your mouse to another window or just to the side, then the confirmation window will be hidden. To find the confirmation window again, click on Chrome menu, from dropdown menu choose "New extension added (Token signing)" and now confirm it with "Enable extension".

To make sure that extension installation was successful, click on Chrome menu, choose "More tools" and "Extensions". Restart Chrome if you haven't done it yet. 

The Extension list should have a following entry:


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