Safari 7.0.1 and later: digital signing in e-services fails

Starting from Safari 7.0.1 there are significant changes to browser plugin management. Due to these changes the Safari browser now always asks for user approval when digitally singing in web browser:

Digital signing is successful when you choose Trust!

To permanently allow digital signing in e-services without approval do the following: 

  • from Safari window open "Safari" menu -> "Preferences" -> Security tab 


  • now from "Security" tab choose "Manage Website Settings..."

  • select "EstEID Firefox plug-in"  and from "When visiting other websites" choose "Allow Always" from dropdown menu
  • when needed the same selection can be made for a specific website if it has been listed with one-time approval. 

After changes it's possible to digitally sign (enter PIN2 code) without extra plugin approvals. 


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