Decrypting fails with DigiDoc3 crypto 3.8 and earlier versions

In DigiDoc3 crypto 3.10 there are changes to document encrypting process that affect decrypting with DigiDoc3 crypto 3.8 and earlier versions. When decrypting with older software, and error is displayed: Failed to read decrypted data.

If you click Show details then you will see:

  • libdigidoc'i kood: 16 

teade: Error in document parsing

If you are using an older version of DigiDoc3 crypto then the solution is to renew your software and decrypt the file again. 

When for some reason the software cant be renewed, then the solution is to request that the document creator would create an encrypted document compatible with older versions. For that the DigiDoc3 crypto (available starting from version 3.10) settings have to be changed as follows: 

  1. Open DigiDoc3 client „Settings“ menu "General" tab
  2. Check „I would like to encrypt for recipients who are using an older DigiDoc3 Crypto software (version 3.8 and earlier)

Background information

Starting from DigiDoc3 crypto version 3.10 the encrypting is done "directly" without an intermediate DDOC container:

  • when encrypting a single file, it's not added to intermediate DDOC container and it will be "directly" encrypted. To be able to decrypt a "directly" encrypted file, the user needs to have DigiDoc3 crypto version 3.9 or newer.
  • when encrypting multiple files simultaneously, it's still done the same way as in earlier versions of DigiDoc3 crypto - input file is inserted into intermediate DDOC container and then the whole container is encrypted. 

The specific encrypting method is not visible to the end-user. 

DigiDoc library users can read about different encryption- and detection methods here here.



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