Windows 10 and digital signing on the web page with Edge browser

Windows 10 comes with the new default web browser Edge.
Currently digital signing in e-services fails using Edge because the necessary plugins are still under development.
If you are using the Edge web browser and visit a website with ID-card support, Microsoft will display a recommendation to continue the operation using Internet Explorer, see image:

This solution will function until support for digital signing in the Edge web browser is completed.

You may alternatively use browsers Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome and Mobiil-ID also works without any issues.

Additional information for web administrators.
If your website is not automatically redirected to Internet Explorer and your website uses ID-card based login or digital signatures, please send a request to the list administrator (in English) at In the request, you should include the specific domain or subdomain that you wish to add to or remove from the list (CVlist) and describe the reason for the addition or removal request.


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