I can login to only some e-services (Mac OS X)

If you can login to only some of the e-services, it can be caused by the broken session stored in the webpage cache, which happens if instead of the ID card certificate the com.apple.idms.appleid.prd. certificate was chosen.

If that's the case, do the following:

  • Make sure, that you have installed web barowser components for authentication and digital signing;
    • to do that type ID-updater to Spotlight search and if it gives results (see picture), then you do have installed them. If not, then visit https://installer.id.ee, download and install them and after that it is required to restart computer.
  • Open Keychain Access via Spotlight search or App Launcher
  • In Keychain Access enter com.apple.idms to the search on the right side

If you got positive search results:

  • Click on the first, second, third etc search result.
  • Check whether any of the retrieved results is related to the e-service that you cannot login to.
  • If you find something similar to the below screenshot, delete it:

Then close your browser window by clicking on QUIT and open it again. You should now be able to login to e-services.


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