Changes in the verification of the validity of digital signatures in the List of Trusted Lists and their influences on e-services


 Due to the changes in the address and file name of the List of Trusted Lists (LOTL), e-service providers as well as users of digidoc-tool, the C++ library libdigidocpp, and DigiDoc4j will have to make changes to ensure that the service would continue to be able to verify the validity of signatures, or take into consideration the implications of not doing so.


As for e-services, the changes will affect information systems that use the old LOTL address to verify the validity of digitally signed documents. These e-service providers will have to refer to the new address available at:

In the default configuration of the DigiDoc4 client, the file with the new LOTL URL will be updated automatically within 7 days and home users will not have to make any changes themselves. In workplace computers where updating the file is prohibited by the workplace, the version of the configuration file should be verified. The DigiDoc4 client configuration started using the new URL in version 94. The version of the configuration file can be verified using the DigiDoc4 Client. To do so, open DigiDoc4 Client, choose ‘Configuration’ in the top right corner and ‘Diagnostics’ from the left-hand menu. The version of the configuration can be found at the bottom of the diagnostics window, when you look for the parameter ‘SERIAL: 94’. If you appear to be using a version that is earlier than ‘SERIAL: 94’, the file should be updated.

If the configuration file has not been updated automatically to version 94, it can be updated manually in the DigiDoc4 client configuration by clicking on ‘Check for updates’ at the bottom.

Users of digidoc-tool will need to start using the new ID-card software version that includes the updated LOTL address. The new version of the software is available at, more specifically >

For those using the libdigidocpp library, we recommend updating it to 3.14.0, as this version includes a new LOTL URL. The new version 3.14.0 is available at RIA’s GitHub:

Users of the DigiDoc4j library find instructions for configuring their LOTL address here:

In addition to this, those who wish to do so can soon start using the new version of the DigiDoc4j library with the new LOTL address. The new version will be public in the beginning of next week (the 35th week) and can be found in RIA’s GitHub:

To continue verifying signature validity, we recommend making the changes by 28 August but not after 2019 end of the year. 

The Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) eSignature team of the European Commission informed RIA of the changes in the List of Trusted Lists on 13 August 2019 (link:

Additional information at or help at ria dot ee


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