How to use the ID card securely

In order to use the ID card safely, you should know the following:

  • Never give your ID card to other persons. It can be misused and you will remain responsible.
  • In case you lose your ID card or your PIN codes get stolen, immediately notify the by calling 1777. You can also call (+ 372) 677 3377 when you are, for example, abroad or in a location where there is a restriction on dialling short numbers.
  • If you happen to lose your ID card, make sure to personally contact the Citizenship and Migration Bureau where the card will be invalidated based on your application. Revalidation of an invalid card is impossible and a new ID card should be applied for.
  • Remember that a digital signature issued by means of the ID card is as valid and binding as a handwritten signature.
  • PIN2 code is equal with the handwritten signature, so before entering the PIN2 code make sure you know what documents you are signing.  

Web browsers can cache (temporarily remember) the PIN1 code inserted during an active browser session. Because of that it may be possible to enter e-services without inserting PIN1-code repeatedly. Caching (remembering) the PIN1 code can be avoided by following these three principles. 

  1. after using your ID card in an e-service, log out from the service using the „Välju“/"Exit", „Logi  välja“/"Log out" or „Sulge“/"Close" buttons; 
  2. after using your ID card electronically always remove it from the card reader;
  3. close all web browser windows (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Safari) when you have done all previous steps.
  • Using an old software version may be dangerous because old versions are not secure. It means security holes in the old software versions are no longer fixed, which makes the software more vulnerable to security threats. The latest ID software is available for download here.


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