• Signatures in the DigiDoc portal will be created in BDOC format by default from 13 June onwards
    13.06.2014 | General, ID-software

    Sertifitseerimiskeskus will renew the DigiDoc portal ( ) on 13 June. As a result, digital signatures will be created in the new BDOC format by default, instead of the previous DDOC format.

  • Developer newsletter # 5
    23.04.2014 | ID-software

  • ID-card digital signing module changes in Chrome web browser
    23.04.2014 | ID-software

    Starting from Chrome version M35, Linux users have to start using a new digital signing module when signing with ID-card in that web browser.  Same applies to those who use aforementioned combination in information systems.  The important change for information systems is that the communication between module and ID-card is now asynchronous.

  • Install new ID-card software version 3.8
    11.12.2013 | ID-software

    In addition to the traditional DDOC-format, updated ID-software also allows for affixing signatures in BDOC-format. The software can also be used for signing .bdoc files with a Finnish ID-card. Yesterday the Prime Ministers of Estonia and Finland affixed their BDOC-format signatures to the ICT cooperation memorandum (.bdoc) of the two countries.

  • Estonian and Finnish Prime Ministers signed the ICT Memorandum of Understanding digitally
    11.12.2013 | General, Success Story

    Estonian and Finnish Prime Ministers Andrus Ansip and Jyrki Katainen signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) digitally. The MoU regards two countries’ information and communication technologies. To our knowledge, this is the world’s first digitally signed international agreement; it was signed using ID cards.

  • Changes in environment
    06.12.2013 | ID-software

    This weekend we will forward all service requests to new TEST DigiDocService platform.

  • Research: Practical Issues with TLS Client Certificate Authentication
    03.12.2013 | General

    The most widely used secure Internet communication standard TLS (Transport Layer Security) has an optional client certificate authentication feature that in theory has significant security advantages over HTML form-based password authentication.

  • Video: What is digital signature?
    01.11.2013 | General

    Watch a simple and smart video explaining the essence of digital signature.

  • Developer newsletter # 4
    10.10.2013 | ID-software

    Newsletter is being distributed by email approximately once a month and it will also be available as a news article on website.  

  • Restrictions for access certificate installation in old DigiDoc Client
    10.09.2013 | ID-software

    Starting from 11.09.2013 it is no longer possible to automatically install access certificate through old DigiDoc Client software (version 2.7.11 included).


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