• website now has RSS feed
    17.04.2013 | General

    It's now possible to keep up with articles using our RSS feed. For starters there is a separate RSS feed for every language. 

  • Updates to the ID card software – version 3.7.1
    11.04.2013 | ID-software

    ID-software version 3.7.1 has been released with two important bug fixes.

  • Estonian Information System’s Authority recommends one of each three users to upgrade their operating system
    10.04.2013 | ID-software

    On 8 April 2014 Microsoft will cease to address security issues in its Windows XP operating system and will not be able to guarantee trouble-free operation of programs and computer equipment. In Estonia, approximately one third of all computer users still use this operating system.

  • Developer newsletter # 2
    03.04.2013 | ID-software

    Newsletter is being distributed by email approximately once a month and it will also be available as a news article on website. 

  • Feedback wanted about new libdigidocpp library API
    28.03.2013 | ID-software

    From ID-software version 3.8 (release summer 2013) there will be a new multiplatform libdigidocpp library available for the integrators and developers.

  • Changes in ID-software verification policy
    23.03.2013 | ID-software

    New ID-software released in January contains improvements to digital signature verification in DigiDoc containers. 

  • EMT’s Mobile ID Gains 16,359 New Users in 2012
    04.03.2013 | Mobiil-ID

    EMT’s Mobile ID added 16,359 new users last year, which is a gain of almost 70 percent over 2011 (9,636 new subscriptions).

  • Java Applet is no longer supported
    31.01.2013 | ID-software, Digital signing

    Starting from ID-software version 3.7 the Java Applet browser signing plugin is not supported. ID-software version 3.7 doesnt contain the PKCS#11 wrapper module that the Java Applet uses in Windows operating systems.

  • Updates to the ID card software – version 3.7
    30.01.2013 | ID-software

    Several improvements and updates were introduced to version 3.7 of the software, that enhance convenience of digital use of ID card. Automatic software update will be available to users of older versions (ver. 3.5 and newer ones) in February.

  • Estonia solves the problems of identity security on the Internet
    17.01.2013 | General

    Estonia solves the problems of identity security on the Internet. The three-year FutureID project funded by the European Union focuses on solving the identity security issues on the Internet. 18 partners from 11 countries participate in the project besides Estonia.


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