• The ID-card basic software was updated
    04.07.2012 | ID-software

    You can now download a new version of the ID-Card basic software from the website . Major changes in version 3.6 are the following:

  • e-mail addresses are becoming more and more popular
    02.07.2012 | General

     As of today there are 128,040 people who have registered an e-mail account at the Estonian online state portal . Approximately half of them, 55,780, have subscribed to various e-notifications.

  • has a new look
    15.06.2012 | General

    In the beginning of June we updated the look and content of . New web site is a combination of previous and All ID-card and Mobile-ID relevant information can now be found easily from one place which makes new much more customer-friendly.

  • Authentication with Mobile-ID through State Portal won the idea contest
    14.06.2012 | Mobiil-ID

    The winner of the idea contest of State Portal is Maiko Mõtsar from Põlvamaa, an employee of the Police and Border Guard Board. He received an iPad tablet as the award. Maiko Mõtsar believes that portal should help websites that require secure authentication by offering them a respective service via the Mobile-ID .

  • Digital Signing Now Possible on Android Smartphones and Tablets
    22.05.2012 | Mobiil-ID, ID-software

    Users of Android smartphones and tablets can now digitally sign documents on their devices.

  • New version of libdigidoc and jdigidoc libraries available
    11.05.2012 | ID-software

  • Mobile ID is 5 Years Old Today
    06.05.2012 | Mobiil-ID, Success Story

    5 years ago today, Certification Centre Ltd. and EMT launched an innovative Mobile ID service which is used for identity verification and digital signing. Today, Mobile ID has become a state-certified document with 30,000 users.

  • Over 500,000 people have used ID-cards electronically
    17.04.2012 | Success Story

    More than half a million people in Estonia have used the ID-card electronically – they have used their digital identity certificate at least once to identify themselves or give a digital signature. ID-cards and residence cards have been issued to more than 1.3 million people in Estonia.

  • Sertifitseerimiskeskus is renewing DigiDocService SSL certificate
    12.04.2012 | ID-software

    Due to the expiry of DigiDocService Web service ( ) SSL certificate, SK is taking into use a new SSL certificate on April 27 at 00:00 .

  • SK Proxy OCSP responder certificate exchange
    11.04.2012 | ID-software

    Due to the expiry of Proxy OCSP (validity confirmation service for non-SK certificates) responder certificate SK is taking into use a new responder certificate starting on April 27, at 00:00.


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