• For some e-services digital signing with the ID-card doesn't work in Chrome 45
    02.09.2015 | ID-software

    The release of Chrome 45 has caused problems with digital signing in some e-services. As a temporary solution, it has been suggested to use a different browser or to sign documents with Mobile-ID.

  • Developers newsletter #9
    27.08.2015 | ID-software

    This is the latest Sertifitseerimiskeskus developer newsletter containing important information about the changes in signing in Chrome and redirecting feature in Windows 10 new browser Edge.

  • Information for e-services in connection with Windows 10
    26.08.2015 | ID-software

    The new default web browser of Windows 10 is Edge, for which Microsoft has not yet developed full smartcard support. Therefore, if you have Windows 10 and wish to use your ID-card for login and signing, you should use some other web browser.

  • ID-software is available for testing on El Capitan beta versions
    25.08.2015 | ID-software

    In this fall there will be a new Mac OS X version named El Capitan (10.11). Early testers can already try El Capitan beta versions and also test and give feedback on ID-software beta versions for El Capitan.

  • Changes in the Chrome v.45 web browser require updates in your e-services
    17.08.2015 | ID-software

    All e-service providers have to implement the support for  hwcrypto.js JavaScript web signing component to allow digital signing with ID-card in Chrome web browser starting from ver 45. 

  • ID-software version 3.11 has been released
    17.08.2015 | ID-software

    ID-software version 3.11 has been released. This is a planned maintenance release, which contains many improvements and updates. 

  • In this autumn the Mozilla Firefox users also have to upgrade ID-software
    17.08.2015 | ID-software

    We have informed users about the changes regarding web browsers Chrome and Edge, now it is known that on 22th september Mozilla will publish Firefox version 41, which also requires the ID-card authentication extension renewal.

  • Using Windows 10 to access Estonian e-services
    29.07.2015 | ID-software

    Anto Veldre, Analyst at Estonian Information System Authority (RIA), advises Windows 10 users to refrain from using the brand new Edge browser while accessing Estonian e-services, but use browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome for the purpose.

  • Developer newsletter #8
    19.06.2015 | ID-software

    This is the latest Sertifitseerimiskeskus developer newsletter containing important information about changes in signing in Chrome and a fresh study on encryption algorithms. In addition, you are invited to test signing with the ID-cards of neighbouring countries.

  • Test digital signing in browser with ID-cards of neighbouring countries
    15.06.2015 | ID-software

    So far digital signing in browser required the Estonian ID-card, now there is also support for Latvian, Lithuanian and Finnish ID-cards on the Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox web browsers. 


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