• Developer newsletter #8
    19.06.2015 | ID-software

    This is the latest Sertifitseerimiskeskus developer newsletter containing important information about changes in signing in Chrome and a fresh study on encryption algorithms. In addition, you are invited to test signing with the ID-cards of neighbouring countries.

  • Test digital signing in browser with ID-cards of neighbouring countries
    15.06.2015 | ID-software

    So far digital signing in browser required the Estonian ID-card, now there is also support for Latvian, Lithuanian and Finnish ID-cards on the Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox web browsers. 

  • Support for Lithuanian Mobile-ID and Finnish, Latvian, Lithuanian ID-card in DigiDoc3 client
    15.06.2015 | ID-software

    DigiDoc3 client now facilitates verifying digital signatures signed by Lithuanian Mobile-ID or Latvian, Lithuanian and Finnish ID-cards and giving digital signatures by using these cards.

  • Radical changes in digital signing with ID-card via Chrome web browser
    14.04.2015 | General, ID-software

    Starting this Wednesday (15th of April 2015), Google will update its web browser Chrome. Since Chrome is the most popular web browser in Estonia, the update will also concern a great number of ID-card users and e-service providers.

  • Digital signing with Chrome web browser will radically change in April 2015 (updated)
    23.03.2015 | ID-software

    All e-service providers have to implement new digital signing module to allow digital signing with ID-card in Chrome web browser. New hwcrypto.js JavaScript web signing component ready.

  • DigiDoc3 client application is using international Trusted Service Status Lists (TSL)
    14.03.2015 | General

    Starting from DigiDoc3 client version 3.10 the certificate trustworthiness for documents in BDOC/ASiC-E format is determined with TSL lists ( Trust Service Status List ).  The TSL list complies with ETSI TS 119 612 standard.

  • Starting today, the default file format in ID-card software is BDOC
    06.03.2015 | ID-software

    Today the Information Systems Authority (RIA) will publish the ID-card software version 3.10, which uses BDOC as a default digital signature format. This step will replace the previous DDOC file format with BDOC.

  • Important information for Mac OS X (10.10 Yosemite and older) users
    04.03.2015 | Mac OS X and Linux, ID-software

  • We give BDOC signatures as of 2015
    03.03.2015 | General

    We have been giving digital signatures in DDOC format since 2002 in Estonia. Users have been able to give digital signatures in BDOC format with the Digidoc client application already from the end of 2013 by changing the settings of the application. From 2015, BDOC becomes the primary format of digital signature in Estonia.

  • Developer newsletter #6
    12.02.2015 | ID-software

    This Sertifitseerimiskeskus developer newsletter contains important information regarding new ID-software version and soon to be renewed Mobiil-ID service. Also you will find information regarding changes to ID-software development and on how to test new SK time-stamping service.   Newsletter is being distributed by email and is also made available as a news article on the website.


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