Sertifitseerimiskeskus is renewing DigiDocService SSL certificate

Due to the expiry of DigiDocService Web service ( SSL certificate, SK is taking into use a new SSL certificate on April 27 at 00:00.
The renewal of the certificate affects services that use DigiDocService web service for authentication, digital signing and signature verification.
Due to the amendment the chain of certificates needs to be replaced in the applications where the SSL certificate is verified against the certificate issuers' chain. Please note that the new SSL certificate is issued under a different certifier, which is KLASS3 SK-2010. certificate is downloadable in PEM format from here. Its publisher KLASS3 SK-2010 certificate is downloadable in PEM format here. All certificates are available on
We have also renewed the following sample applications (added KLASS3 SK-2010 certificate support):
Systems that are based on DigiDoc libraries or use OCSP validity confirmation service will not be affected by this change. As well are not affected the users of DigiDoc3 software.

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