Authentication with Mobile-ID through State Portal won the idea contest


The winner of the idea contest of State Portal is Maiko Mõtsar from Põlvamaa, an employee of the Police and Border Guard Board. He received an iPad tablet as the award. Maiko Mõtsar believes that portal should help websites that require secure authentication by offering them a respective service via the Mobile-ID.

According to the five-member jury, the winning idea is able to make operation of many websites in our electronic state much easier. The 29 year old Mõtsar says that there are great many sites where it is impossible to use the Mobile-ID to authenticate, while the Internet bank authentication is not a free service. “Why won’t portal offer the Mobile-ID service on its website where a user will be able to login and then he or she will be forwarded back to the original webpage?”, asks Mõtsar.

The director of the State Portal department Mihkel Tikk finds the idea really interesting. „We will certainly study whether it is possible to implement it. Certain limitations, however, are caused by the fact that Mobile ID authentication is a paid service. We will have to find an opportunity for cooperation between mobile operators and Sertifitseerimiskeskus (Certification Center)“ says Mr. Tikk.

“The idea is undoubtedly interesting and useful as it provides a new opportunity. To a significant extent the entire development of the Estonian electronic state was based on creation of opportunities – this particular idea fits in very well and may become an important step on the chosen path” believes Siim Sikkut, information and communications technology advisor for the State Chancellery.

“Mobile-ID is a great technology. If such free system authentication platform is indeed possible, it will undoubtedly make life of many website owners so much easier” says Henrik Roonemaa, editor-in-chief of Digi magazine.

The second place was awarded to the idea of Allan Poola, who believes that the state should offer more background services that do not require any immediate action on the part of the user. A good example of such service would be creation of a new account after birth of a child.

The third place was awarded to a whole list of ideas presented to the contest by Gerly Ottender. This list includes many small but very practical offers, such as, for instance, providing information about the date when the parent’s subsidy payments are to stop, an option to apply for a place in a Tallinn’s kindergarten, etc.

The jury included Siim Sikkut, information and communications technology advisor for the State Chancellery, Henrik Roonemaa, editor-in-chief of Digi magazine, Andrei Korobeynik, a Riigikogu member and an IT entrepreneur, Janek Rozov, advisor to the Department for development of the information society of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, and Aarne Seppel, the content manager of State Portal. The total of 20 ideas were submitted to the contest.

Information about operation of State Portal is disseminated with the help of the structural EU Program for Information Society Development and is funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

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