Updates to the ID card software – version 3.7


Several improvements and updates were introduced to version 3.7 of the software, that enhance convenience of digital use of ID card. Automatic software update will be available to users of older versions (ver. 3.5 and newer ones) in February.

Version 3.7 also makes the first step towards making the Estonian ID card software available in online stores for particular operating systems.

  • Management tool for ID cards can be downloaded in Apple App Store already today. It allows performing all administrative actions with regard to ID cards, e.g. changing PIN codes.
  • Microsoft has approved a Windows Minidriver component. Where a card reader and ID card are connected to a Windows 8 computer for the first time, the Minidriver component is automatically installed. This allows to log into e-services with an ID card while using the Internet Explorer browser.

Important improvements:

  • Use of ID cards for authentication in e-services is improved for Windows XP users. Technically, the new solution is analogous to that used in newer Windows operating systems.
  • Windows users should have fewer problems with failure of certificates to register. It is no longer necessary to register certificates manually in the respective window of the ID card management tool, since they register automatically each time the management tool is launched. The management tool also automatically launches after software installation is complete.
  • In the newer Windows operating systems (Vista and more recent ones) when user enters a PIN code in DigiDoc3 client and a web browser, the dialogue windows appear identical to those during authentication.
  • Use of the digital stamp on the encryption token is simplified. The stamp can be used directly and does not require setting up DigiDoc3 client.
  • Errors are corrected, texts are updated and ease of use is improved. Important supplementary security controls are added for the stages of creation and verification of signature.

Significant changes:

  • Signing in e-services and information systems that use Java Applet has been limited. Java Applet is an outdated and not secure component that never was a part of official ID card software.
  • Windows XP users are unable to provide signatures in e-services or information systems, where Active-X is used. The next version is to extend this limitation to all Windows users. Active-X is not a part of official ID card software and therefore compatibility is not ensured.
  • It is no longer possible to add signatures with DigiDoc3 client or remove it with regard to older 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2 formats of Digidoc containers. With regard to the containers of the older formats it is only possible to verify signatures and open documents stored in the container. Digidoc format 1.3 is in use already since 2004.
  • Support for new operating systems: Windows 8, Mac OSX 10.8, Ubuntu 12.10, Fedora 17 and openSuse 12.2

The detailed list of changes and improvements is available at: The software is available at:

New versions of libraries are available for developers. We turn your attention to security improvements: control of nonce field is added during signing and verification, and use of older digidoc file formats is limited.  The detailed list of changes and improvements in the libraries, as well as downloads are available here


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