Feedback wanted about new libdigidocpp library API


From ID-software version 3.8 (release summer 2013) there will be a new multiplatform libdigidocpp library available for the integrators and developers.

This library is intented to replace the libdigidoc C and Windows COM libraries distributed since 2003. Independent usage support for these libraries will end on 2015. Libdigidocpp library has been used in ID-software since 2010 but it was not meant to be used for integration with third-party applications and information systems. 

Due to publishing this new library, we have extensively changed its public interface to make it as easy to use for developers as possible. 

We would ask for your feedback on the new libdigidocpp library API before 12th April. Please inform us if the new API meets your needs and what changes should be made before the stable version is published. 

  • Alfa version (source code) of libdigidocpp with renewed API can be downloaded here
  • Public API documentation be found here
  • Libdigidocpp Programmer’s Guide is available here.

Libdigidocpp library supports:

  • BDOC 2.0 (new digital signature format, planned transition to this format on 2-nd half of 2013)
  • DDOC (wrapper used with libdigidoc library)

Feedback is important and allows us to improve libdigidocpp library to meet your and other integrators needs. 

We'd also like your feedback on the importance of these already received change proposals:

  • add a possibility to digitally sign in web browser with plug-in
  • support for digital signing in memory
  • support for detached digital signatures (unsupported in BDOC 2.0 specification)
  • input for digital signing should be more universal (file, memory, stream)
  • mobile platform (iOS, Android) support on testing and compilation
  • more layers for the API (container preparation, file adding, digital signing etc.)
  • support for large size input files (added to testing plan)

Please send your questions and feedback on email support at sk dot ee

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