Developer newsletter # 2


Newsletter is being distributed by email approximately once a month and it will also be available as a news article on website. 

  1. In the beginning of April there will be an ID-software service pack release of version 3.7.1. The release will also contain libraries with changed behavior in case of DigiDoc containers whose datafiles are missing the xmlns attribute in <DataFile> element. The signature will be verified but it's not possible to add digital signatures to the container. Problem description.
  2. Earlier versions of DigiDocService PHP sample application (probably distributed before 2009), contain an error that causes the creation of faulty DigiDoc containers whose datafiles are missing the xmlns attribute in <DataFile> element. Detailed error description.
  3. BDOC 2.0 format distribution schedule has been updated. Support for BDOC 2.0 format will com with ID-software version 3.8. It will become default digital signature format in version 3.9 (release summer 2013). BDOC 1.0 (1.1) formats will not be supported starting from version 3.8. Schedule.
  4. Personal certificates issued from 2014 will contain crypto-algorithm keys based on elliptical curves. These certificates can only be used to digitally sign BDOC 2.0 format. 
  5. Starting from ID-software version 3.8 there will be a new multiplatform libdigidocpp library for integrators and developers. Any feedback about the API is welcome. Additional information.
  6. Starting from 01.06.2013 there will be restrictions for using old DigiDoc Client software for digital signing. Detailed information.
  7. SK is in the process of renewing the DigiDocService web service and the planned changes can also affect you. Detailed information.
On 19th April we will organize a morning briefing where we will talk more about planned changes. Inform us of your participation and we will send you a detailed information. 
Questions, feedback and registration for the morning briefing is expected at support at sk dot ee
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