Updates to the ID card software – version 3.7.1


ID-software version 3.7.1 has been released with two important bug fixes.

There is now a warning for digidoc containers that are not created according to specification, although the signature will be displayed valid. This change affects DigiDoc containers whose <DataFile> element is missing xmlns atribute.  Additional information.

Software installation will delete old ID-card software (ver 2.x.x) registry keys under Windows. This should reduce problems with authentication and digital signing on Windows operating system. 

Additionally the Mobile-ID phone number format in DigiDoc3 client was changed from +372xxx to 372xxx and the use of symbols like + was disabled. 

Automatic software update for older versions (from version 3.5) will be enable during next week. 

The software is available at:

New versions of libraries are available for developers. The detailed list of changes and improvements in the libraries, as well as downloads are available here


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