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Newsletter is being distributed by email approximately once a month and it will also be available as a news article on website.

  1. Recent versions of ID-software have had significant security fixes and added checks to signature verification. Due to that its possible that new versions of ID-software will display signatures as not valid when old versions display them erroneously valid. When needed we can provide scripts that verify digital signature validity and container correctness for archived files according to latest versions of ID-software. Further information at support at sk dot ee 
  2. We have identified an error in digital signing component, which was distributed with ID-software for Mac OSX 10.4, 10.5 during 2008-2010. Additional information from and In idcard.js ver. 0.13 the faulty component has been disabled.
  3. Consequently is is very important that digital signing solutions in web browsers are not using outdated and unsupported components. The only officially supported digital signing component is the new ID-software digital signing plugin (MIME type application/x-digidoc). Java Applet, Active-X, npidcard.plugin (x-idcard-plugin), Mozilla idcard-plugin for Windows and others are not supported. 
  4. From ID-software version 3.8 the CSP component is no longer installed. CSP could be required in some server solutions and is distirbuted separately. Additional information.
  5. Beta versions of jdigidoc and libdigidocpp libraries supporting BDOC 2.0 format have been published. Libraries can be downloaded from BDOC 2.0 schedule  
  6. Due to arrival of BDOC 2.0 we have done a overview of supported DigiDoc container formats in different ID-software versions and components.
  7. With every ID-software release the support cycle of that version will be defined. Overview of support cycles of different ID-software versions can be found here. Also an overview of supported operating systems for specific ID-software versions can be found here.
  8. website now has RSS news feed, which is a good way to keep up with changes.
  9. SK is in the process of renewing the DigiDocService web service and the planned changes can also affect you. Detailed information.
On 31st May we will organize a morning briefing where we will talk more about planned changes. Inform us of your participation and we will send you a detailed information.

Questions, feedback and registration for the morning briefing is expected at support at sk dot ee

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