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  1. ID-software version 3.8 (libraries included) will be released at the end of the year.
    • As a major change to libraries there will be a new handling logic for verification of digitally signed documents with minor formatting errors. According to the new logic the library will give an error and the client-layer can then decide using documentation whether user will get a warning or an error. 
    • There will be changes to distribution of end-user software to Mac OS X users. The main distirbution channel will be the Apple App Store from where the ID-card utility and DigiDoc3 client are already available. From version 3.8 the App Store will be the only distribution channel. 
  2. ID-software version 3.8 will bring developers and integrators a new multi-platform libdigidocpp library with BDOC 2.1 format support. New developments should use this library in C or C++ environment and older ones should plan a transition from COM and libdigidoc library.  Additional information
  3. Based on this spring's digital signature sustainability analysis there will be a BDOC 2.1 format that replaces the BDOC 2.0 format. BDOC 2.1 format support will be in 3.8 version of both jdigidoc and libdigidocpp libraries, older versions of BDOC are not supported. Libraries API does not change in regards to the release of BDOC 2.1 format. 
  4. We draw attention to the bugfix in ID-software version 3.7.2 that affected both libraries and end-user software. Link to the newest library version can be found here
  5. SK is renewing the DigiDocService web service. Please test the compatibility of your services in our test environment at and please give feedback on any differences with the live service. Testing instructions and additional information can be found here.
  6. Web pages that are using ID-card and Mobile-ID icons should start using the new icon design (based on overall ID-software graphics) found here
  7. Web services that started using TLS 1.1 procotol because of authentication problems with Google Chrome should revert back to their original configuration. Starting from  Google Chrome version 29.0.1547.76 this issue has been resolved. More information can be found at
  8. Specification document for different versions of ID-card chip applications was renewed. This document describes the card differences including the ARDU commands needed for card communication. Specification.
  9. Good overview of ID-card readers sold in Estonia and their compatibility with ID-card software can be found here.
  10. On 12. september according to public procurement AS Sertifitseerimiskeskus and Riigi Infosüsteemi Amet (Estonian Information System's Authority) signed a 4 year contract for ID-card development, maintenance and integrator support.

On 18th October we will organize another morning briefing where we will talk more about the topics in this newsletter. Inform us of your participation and we will send you the detailed information.

Questions, feedback and registration to the morning briefing is expected at support at sk dot ee

AS Sertifitseerimiskeskus



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