Install new ID-card software version 3.8

In addition to the traditional DDOC-format, updated ID-software also allows for affixing signatures in BDOC-format. The software can also be used for signing .bdoc files with a Finnish ID-card. Yesterday the Prime Ministers of Estonia and Finland affixed their BDOC-format signatures to the ICT cooperation memorandum (.bdoc) of the two countries.
BDOC is a format that is based on new-generation cryptographic algorithms and allows international digital signing. Files signed in the new format are smaller as this is a compressed format. BDOC can also be transmitted better by e-mail as e-mail applications recognise the format more easily.
Within the next couple of years, .bdoc is planned to replace .ddoc in Estonia. This means that .ddoc files will still remain legible, but in the future signatures will be affixed only in BDOC-format. The Estonian Information System Authority recommends that users test the new signature format and that in 2014 companies transfer in their information systems gradually to .bdoc signatures. In order for the transfer to be smooth, the basic software that was made public today still prefers, by default, signatures in the DDOC-format. To sign a common document with Finnish partners, the signature format must certainly be chosen as BDOC.
For users of the Mac OS X operating system, the updated ID-software will be available as of next week as the place where the software can be downloaded will change. The DigiDoc3 Client and ID-card utility are from now on available from the Apple App Store. Before visiting the Store Mac OS X users must check updates in the ID-card utility and remove the previous ID-software (version 3.7.2 or older) from the computer with the help of the proposed application. Thereafter DigiDoc3 and the new ID-card utility can be downloaded from the App Store.
Windows users can still update the software on the website or through the ID-card utility (Settings > Check for updates).
Source: Estonian Information System Authority


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