Integrators can now test the 2015 Mobiil-ID solution in their applications


In 2015, Mobile operators will start issuing new Mobiil-ID SIM cards with a new cryptographic algorithm. Application developers can now start testing the new SIM card support with a new test number. 

There is a new Mobiil-ID test number that acts identical to the new Mobiil-ID SIM card. This test number has 2 certificate pairs that are simultaneously active - 2048 bit RSA and ECDSA (Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm). DigiDocService will automatically choose the required certificate.

Test number information: 

  • +37200000766
  • personal identity code - 11412090004

Test number usage instructions can be found here.

DigiDocService chooses certificates according to the following logic (applies to new SIM cards and also to the test number): 

  • When Mobiil-ID SIM card supports ECDSA then authentication (MobileAuthenticate method) always uses EDCSA certificates. 

  • When SIM card supports both ECDSA and RSA algorithms then for signing (MobileSign and MobileCreateSignature methods) BDOC files, the ECDSA certificates are used. Since DDOC file format does not support ECDSA then for signing DDOC files the RSA algorithm is used.  

For SIM cards that support both ECDSA and RSA algorithms the GetMobileCertificates method always returns ECDSA certificate information and MobileSignHash method always uses the ECDSA algorithm. 

Verification of BDOC files containing ECDSA algorithm are supported starting from ID-software version 3.8 (published december 2013).

EMT will start issuing new SIM cards in the middle of january and other operators will join during first quarter. 

There are no usage changes for the earlier issued Mobiil-ID SIM cards and they continue to work as usual.

Additional information can also be found in DigiDocService service specification paragraph 3.2. Questions are welcome at suppot at sk dot ee.  




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