New Java digital signing library available for integrators – digidoc4j


In December the first version of new Java digital signing library was released. The digidoc4j library is intended to replace the current JDigiDoc Java library. 

The first release supports digital signing of ASiC-E XAdES/BDOC 2.1 (BDOC with time-stamp and BDOC with time-mark) signature format and the latest DDOC format - DIGIDOC-XML 1.3. The first version is tagged as public-0.2.16 and is available here.

An overview of library functionality, architecture and main use case examples can be found in JavaDoc document. 

Digidoc4j library is the first ID-software component that was publicly developed from start to finish. 

All the information related to the new digital signing library has been gathered to the website and to the project homepage in GitHub environment -  Library source code and commit history are also available in GitHub environment.  Important library versions have been tagged with relevant source code tags and published as binary packages. Completed and planned development works are described in Pivotal environment. 

Everyone who want to contribute to the development are welcome to upload their improved code to Digidoc4j GitHub environment. More information regarding contributing can be found here.  

Digidoc4j base libraries are from European Commission managed SD-DSS software library. For now the support for DIGIDOC-XML 1.3 format is based on JDigiDoc library. 

DigiDoc4j development has been ordered by the Republic of Estonia Information System Authority and is freely available for everyone. 


Questions and proposals regarding development environment and software are welcome at abi at id dot ee



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