EMT, Elion Stores Issue New Mobile ID SIM Cards

As of this week, EMT and Elion stores issue new Mobile ID SIM cards to all Mobile ID subscribers.
Previously, Police and Border Guard Board allowed issuing Mobile IDs for three years. As of this year, Mobile IDs issued by the Police and Border Guard Board have a validity time of five years, and this requires a new type of SIM card.
EMT and Elion have issued the new SIM cards since February 2.
The previous version of Mobile ID was already secure, but new SIM cards make it possible to increase the security even more.
Subscription to Mobile ID is free until March 31, 2015, Eesti Telekom will pay the state levy of €10 on behalf of its customers.
Useful information:
  • Mobile-ID is a digital ID, which is always with you on your mobile device
  • If you use Mobile ID, you can abandon your ID card reader, code cards, PIN calculator, as well as different usernames and passwords. Mobile ID enables the same operations as an ID card - logging in to online environments, transfer payments, and sign documents digitally, where ever you are, even abroad
  • ID card cannot be used with smartphone or tablets, while Mobile ID enables performing all e-operations on your handheld device
  • You can subscribe to Mobile ID service at EMT and Elion stores. You need to have your ID card with you as an identification document. Following the subscription, you will be able to activate Mobile ID certificates with your ID card and PIN1 of the ID card. The activation can be done at or at the store.
Source: EMT


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