Digital signing with Chrome web browser will radically change in April 2015 (updated)


All e-service providers have to implement new digital signing module to allow digital signing with ID-card in Chrome web browser. New hwcrypto.js JavaScript web signing component ready.

Starting from Chrome version 42 (expected to be published in April 2015) the support for NPAPI based digital signing plug-in's in Chrome will be phased out, this also includes our ID-card web browser signing modules for Windows and Mac OS X. Additional information:

What should e-service providers do?

All e-service providers need to implement changes in their information systems. When changes are not done on time, it's impossible to digitally sign with ID-card in your e-service using Chrome web browser. 

E-service providers, who are not using idCard.js supplementary library, have to follow the new digital signing module API when planning system upgrades. Information about the new API can be found from GitHub: 

E-service providers, who are using idCard.js web signing JavaScript supplementary library (including versions 0.20 and 0.21) have to start using the new hwcrypto.js JavaScript web signing component developed by RIA. Hwcrypto.js JavaScript component  is published at GitHub: The component's API documentation along with usage sample can be found here, old (NPAPI) and new digital signing module are supported in parallel. The new hwcrypto.js component can be tested at digital signing test page.

NPAPI support for Linux distributions was discontinued already in Chrome version 35 (May 2014). For Linux users these changes were published in ID-software version 3.9 and idCard.js library version 0.20. The e-service providers who have implemented support for Chrome signing module in Linux also need to start using the new hwcrypto.js JavaScript component instead of idCard.js library, to enable support for the new Chrome signing module. 


End-users will get the new signing module Token signing with ID-software version 3.10.2, available for download from


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