DigiDoc3 client application is using international Trusted Service Status Lists (TSL)


Starting from DigiDoc3 client version 3.10 the certificate trustworthiness for documents in BDOC/ASiC-E format is determined with TSL lists (Trust Service Status List).  The TSL list complies with ETSI TS 119 612 standard.

TSL list allows verifiying the digital signatures given by the citizens of other European Union countries. 

DigiDoc3 client uses the official European Commision TSL list ( as a trust anchor. That list in turn refers to more than 30 national TSL lists of other European countries. This allows DigiDoc3 client to validate signatures given with certificates issued by more than 30 national trust service providers (signatures have to comply with BDOC 2.1 standard). 

By default the Estonian TSL list is used, which can be found here: 

NB! DigiDoc3 client opens now a bit more slowly as the TSL list check is performed during startup. 

Additional information for developers and integrators can be found here.

Information regarding the use of test certificates with TSL lists can be found here.




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