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The new default web browser of Windows 10 is Edge, for which Microsoft has not yet developed full smartcard support. Therefore, if you have Windows 10 and wish to use your ID-card for login and signing, you should use some other web browser.

When a user uses Edge and enters a website that requires login and/or signing, Microsoft displays a message that recommends switching to Internet Explorer.

Redirecting is performed by the Microsoft “Compatibility List” service. To enable automatic notification of users and reduce the burden on user support, the Information System Authority has prepared an initial list of available service portals and forwarded it to Microsoft. In the future, the list is administered and redirecting is operated by Microsoft. The solution will be in use until the completion of full chipcard support.

If your portal is not being redirected and uses login or digital signing with ID-card, we suggest that you e-mail an application in English (see sample below) to the administrator of the list at iepo at microsoft dot com. The same e-mail address should be used if you wish to delete your portal from the list. 

Sample application: 

Application to add a URL to the Edge compatibility list

Please add the following URL(s) to the Edge compatibility list and attempt to switch to Internet Explorer:

  • URL1
  • URL2
  • URL3

Above listed websites use Estonian ID-card for login and/or for digital signing. 

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