Developers newsletter #9


This is the latest Sertifitseerimiskeskus developer newsletter containing important information about the changes in signing in Chrome and redirecting feature in Windows 10 new browser Edge.

Chrome version 45 only allows signing with ID-card in the updated e-service
An update of the Chrome web browser will become available on 7 Sep. If the administrator of the e-service that enables signing with ID-card has not done the necessary support update, e-service users can no longer sign digitally with the new Chrome version. The beta version of Chrome 45 is available for testing applications. For information about developing the necessary support update, click here.

Windows 10 redirecting ID-card users to Internet Explorer
For many websites that require login with an ID-card, Microsoft’s new browser Edge displays a recommendation to continue the operation in Internet Explorer. The redirecting solution is operated by Microsoft. Instructions on how to be included in the list of redirecting websites or removed from it are available here.

Test-OCSP service of SK has a new address
In connection with the update of the public test environment of SK services, the addresses of the test-OCSP service and application for uploading certificates into the test-OCSP service have changed. The list of test applications and information about their use are available at

Switch to the BDOC format now!
If you have not yet switched to the BDOC format, now is high time to do it! To choose a suitable solution for transition to the new format, click here.


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