For some e-services digital signing with the ID-card doesn't work in Chrome 45


The release of Chrome 45 has caused problems with digital signing in some e-services. As a temporary solution, it has been suggested to use a different browser or to sign documents with Mobile-ID.

The method of communication between the browser and the ID-card has been changed in Google Chrome 45. Therefore, if an e-service hasn't taken the change into account, digital signing (i.e. the use of the PIN2 code) in this service ceases to work. for digital signing users can refer to the alternative browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari) or the Mobiil-ID service. The change in Chrome 45 doesn't affect authentification with the ID-card, i.e. the use of of the PIN1 code.

We tested digital signing with the ID-software 3.11 and Chrome 45 in some widely used e-services. Digital signing should work in the following e-services:

  • Swedbank online bank
  • SEB online bank
  • Nordea online bank
  • LHV online bank
  • Danske online bank
  • - My documents
  • DigiDoc Portal
  • Patient Portal -
  • Immovables Portal
  • Company Registration Portal (incl e-annual reporting environment and e-Financials)
  • E-Notary
  • Police and Border Guard - Mobile-ID environment

We will continue to keep this list up-to-date.

If digital signing in the above listed e-services with Chrome 45 fails, please refer to the following instructions.

The latest version of the ID-software can be downloaded at .

The additional information for e-service developers can be found here.



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