To avoid technical issues when signing and checking signature validity, update the eID software before 03.12.2016!


Starting from 3rd of December 2016 you may encounter technical issues when checking signature validity and signing documents with DigiDoc3 Client. To solve the problem, update your ID software. It is important to use DigiDoc3 Client version 3.12.1 or later

If you are already using version 3.12.1 or later, you will not experience any problems. The latest eID software version is available for download at Mac OS X users can download the latest DigiDoc3 Client from App Store.
The older software versions are no longer compatible with the trusted certificates list that is going to be utilised starting from 3rd December 2016. This change will cause displaying the digital signature status as “unknown” in the DigiDoc3 Client software. 

You can find the version of your DigiDoc3 Client software at the bottom left corner: 


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