The updated DigiDoc4 supports screen readers for visually impaired people


RIA has updated the ID card software and the latest version of DigiDoc4 (4.2.2) supports basic functions with screen readers.

Screen reader support allows visually impaired people to add a digital signature to DigiDoc4 and validate signed documents. "A thousand thanks to the people who helped us to make sure that the screen reader can be used to add a digital signature with both a mobile ID and an ID card," said Margus Arm, Head of Electronic Identity at RIA. He added that the update would allow visually impaired people to validate and open signed documents and change their ID card PINs. The following software versions we will continue to add and improve features.

In addition, the icons for Digidoc4 (application) and signed and encrypted documents were updated. New ID card support for the OpenSC PKCS # 11 smart card driver was also added. The latest version can be downloaded at

DigiDoc4 software is used on over 600,000 computers, with over half a million digital signatures every month.



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