Mobile ID is 5 Years Old Today


5 years ago today, Certification Centre Ltd. and EMT launched an innovative Mobile ID service which is used for identity verification and digital signing. Today, Mobile ID has become a state-certified document with 30,000 users.

According to Kalev Pihl, CEO at Certification Centre Ltd., Mobile ID has found its niche in Estonia. Mobile ID has 30,000 users, of which 80% are active users. An average user performs 30 signings and authentication transactions in a month. „Today, Mobile ID is mostly used for bank transactions. 1.9% of voters used Mobile ID to cast their votes in 2011 parliament elections,” added Pihl.

Tiit Tammiste, Head of Technology Division at EMT, says that Mobile ID opens the door for additional mobile services. As a next step after identity verification and digital signing, mobile phones will function as bank cards with the help of the NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, and we are already working on the development of this solution together with leading Estonian banks,” said Tammiste.

For Tammo Otsasoo who is one of the first Mobile ID users, Mobile ID is still the first choice among all authentication options. „This is a universal service that works both at home and abroad,” said Tammo. „According to my experience, those who start using Mobile ID, will continue using this option.”

Certification Centre Ltd. was established in 2001. It is an accredited certification authority, providing service and software for timestamp and certification services.


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