Digital Signing Now Possible on Android Smartphones and Tablets


Users of Android smartphones and tablets can now digitally sign documents on their devices.

To sign and open digitally signed documents, download the Digidoc app from Google Play (previously called Android Market). If you already have installed a previous version of the Digidoc app that allows viewing of digitally signed documents, download an update for Digidoc. This app has been developed by EMT and Finestmedia and tested by the Certification Center.

According to Tiit Tammiste, Head of Technology Division of EMT, the sales of smartphones and especially tablet PCs has exploded, and more and more users want to use online services anywhere and at any time. „Because digital signing of documents has grown rapidly, users started to frequently find themselves in a situation where they could not open these documents on smartphones and tablets because the software for digitally signed documents was available only for personal computers”, said Tammiste. „In February, we launched the Digidoc app that enables viewing of digitally signed documents, and now we’ve added a possibility to sign documents.”

„Soon, the signature feature will also be available for devices running on iOS,” said Priit Penjam, CEO of Finestmedia. „The app is ready and should be available at the AppStore within a week.”

Finestmedia is a software development company who is active in Estonian and Finnish markets and whose smartphone app department is the largest in Estonia. Finestmedia has been involved in development of several prominent apps in Estonia, for example, TaxiPal, Elion’s minuTV, Delfi, etc.

EMT is the leading mobile operator in Estonia who developed the Mobile ID service that enables digital signing via mobile phones. By now, Mobile ID has been certified by the state, and this made it possible to use Mobile ID for voting in parliament elections last year.


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