Prisma Peremarket launches a new ID-card based customer loyalty program Prisma Konto


Starting from today, all interested persons can join a customer loyalty program of Prisma Peremarket called Prisma Konto, granting a bonus of up to 5% on purchases. The system is ID-card based and free for all customers.

The program can be joined online at and by using in-shop computer terminals.

“We have established a customer loyalty program that is very easy to use for the customers and that features the highest bonus percentage offered in the Estonian retail market,” said Janne Lihavainen, the managing director of Prisma Peremarket. “We are also the first among all major retail chains that does not consider it necessary to produce yet another plastic card into the wallets of our customers. Instead, we use the ID-card which all persons residing in Estonia should already have by now.“

Prisma’s bonus program Prisma Konto allows customers to receive Prisma bonus money back from their purchases, amounting from 0.5% to 5%. The more you buy from Prisma each month, the higher the received Prisma bonus which is calculated from the monthly purchases. The bonus is calculated separately for each month. Prisma bonus points which can be used in all Prisma stores to pay for purchases are transferred into the customer’s account by the third day of each new calendar month. One Prisma bonus point equals to the monetary value of one euro.

“By nature, the account is similar to the Finnish S-Etukortti,” Lihavainen added. “However, the bonus levels are significantly more customer friendly in Estonia. On can reach a higher bonus level with considerably smaller monthly purchases.“

The program can be joined by all adults who possess the ID-card. If the customer so desires, it is possible to add up the monthly purchases of all adult members of a family and collect bonus points together.

Customers can keep track of their purchases, collected bonus points and achieved bonus levels on the Prisma website at

Previous month’s purchases

Bonus level

500 Euros


450 Euros


400 Euros


350 Euros


300 Euros


250 Euros


200 Euros


150 Euros


100 Euros


50 Euros


Prisma Peremarket is the only major retail chain in Estonia which, during the course of its operations, has never paid dividends outside of Estonia, but has rather invested its accumulated profits into the development of its activities in the country.

As a retail chain owned by SOK, a group of Nordic origin, Prisma operates in the markets of Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia. Having begun its operations in the year 2000, Prisma is one of the most stable hypermarkets ever to have operated in Estonia. Prisma Peremarket employs more than 1,000 persons in Estonia. The company has 8 stores and 1 restaurant area in Estonia.

AS Prisma Peremarket and AS Sokotel, known under the trademark of Sokos Hotel Viru, are two daughter enterprises of SOK that operate in Estonia.

Together with Finnish consumer associations, SOK makes up the S-Group. Areas of activity of the international S-Group include trade in foodstuffs, gasoline and service stations, department stores, hotel trade, sale of cars and vehicle products, and horticultural and agricultural products. Of the more known brands, the S-Group owns the trademarks of Prisma, Sokos Hotel, S-Market, Alepa, Sale, ABC!, Sokos and Agrimarket.

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