Signatures in the DigiDoc portal will be created in BDOC format by default from 13 June onwards

Sertifitseerimiskeskus will renew the DigiDoc portal ( on 13 June. As a result, digital signatures will be created in the new BDOC format by default, instead of the previous DDOC format.
In order to open documents in the BDOC format, the user must have installed ID-card software version 3.8, or newer, in their computer. The software can be updated here.
The BDOC format has been developed according to Estonia's vision to unify digital signatures given in the European Union. Transition is a common development for a format, and BDOC uses more modern crypto algorithms. The introduction of BDOC in the DigiDoc portal is a planned step towards transition to a new signature format. 
The DigiDoc portal settings allow you to manually convert the document back to DDOC, if necessary. For this, you can set DDOC as the default file type in the section “Signing” of the “Preferences” menu.
For additional information, please contact abi at id dot ee.


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