RIA: Update your security risk affected ID-Cards


The State Information System Authority (RIA) recommends that all holders of security risk affected ID-cards begin to remotely update their cards. The update software has passed the test period and most e-services already support updated ID-cards.

All ID cards issued after 16 October 2014 and used electronically must be updated. You can use the Police and Border Guard Board (PPA) website to verify whether the ID-card is affected by the security risk and needs to be updated. The card does not need to be updated by people who do not give digital signatures or use e-services by entering their ID-card PIN1 or PIN2. The ID-cards are valid as identity documents and customer cards until their expiry date. There is also no need to update your ID-card to buy medicines on the basis of a digital prescription.

You need a computer and a card reader to update your ID card. To update the card, you need to download the latest version of the ID-card software at and follow the on-screen instructions. The website has published a detailed guide to the remote update process and a video on how to update the card.

If you cannot update your ID card on the computer or are experiencing errors, you can update the document certificates at the PPA service halls. ID-cards produced since 26 October already have the new software in use and do not need to be updated. Previously produced ID-cards which the holder has not yet picked up are updated by the PPA service provider.

According to Taimar Peterkop, Director General of Information System Authority, creating the solution to the remote update has been a race against the clock and thus it is not perfect. "The technical capability of the remote update application is limited and simultaneous updates can be performed on up to 1000 cards. There will certainly be delays caused by overload and times when remote updating will not be possible. Just try again later," said Peterkop.

"ID-card innovators need to take into account inconveniences and failures, but this is the only way that we can safely mitigate the ID-card security risk as well as continue securely using e-services. Mac users must take into account browser limitations after updating. For a period of about a month, encrypting documents will not be possible, RIA is working on developing a solution," added Peterkop.

"The most convenient way of ID-card updating is to do it yourself on your computer, but we are, of course, also ready to assist people at the service halls and give advice," said Elmar Vaher, Director General of the Police and Border Guard Board. "To reduce the burden, in November we will extend service hours in major cities by one hour until six in the evening, and in the case of very heavy workloads, we plan to open the service halls also for weekends," said Vaher.

The security risk affects almost 800,000 ID-cards, including digital IDs, e-residence and residence permit cards. The security risk does not concern Mobile-IDs and ID-cards issued before October 2014.

Security risk affected ID-cards can be updated both on private computers and in PPA service halls until 31 March 2018. Certificates not updated will be cancelled for security reasons on 1 April. A document with cancelled certificates cannot be renewed and a new card must be requested for electronic use.

As of today, 20,000 people have updated their ID-card certificates.

Important information before updating:

  • ID-cards requiring renewal were issued after mid-October 2014
  • Check whether your card has a security risk and needs to be updated on the PPA website.
  • To update, download the latest ID-card software at
  • Before updating, have paper and pencil on hand to write down your new PIN numbers
  • Decrypt the documents on your computer as they cannot be opened once the card has been updated 
  • If the ID card is a business management tool for you, make sure the systems at your work support the updated card before proceeding. Ask your employer or IT support!
  • See instructions and study videos at 


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