ID-card software known issues

Below are some known shortcomings in the latest version of Open-EID software at 19.7:

  • When encrypting a large file,  empty container will be created (IB-5923)
  • Firefox web browser fails with ID card issued before December 2018 when using PinPad card reader and DigiDoc4 client and / or other web browsers are open (IB-5550)
  • The Office 365 Online Protection Malware Filter blocks .bdoc files as malware. (IB-4534)
  • Ubuntu can not add files to the container using drag'n'drop from the network drive. (IB-5075)
  • If eID card PIN1-code is blocked, then TeRa application displays, that certificate is "valid and applicable". (TERA-215) 
  • If user did configure TeRa to stamp BDOC 1.0 files, then during the search it displays "Searching DDOC files". Application itself is still looking for BDOC 1.0 files. (TERA-266)
  • TeRa application UI wont remember user language setting. (TERA-264) 
  • Firefox browser does not display an error message on the computer screen when you enter the wrong code into your PinPad reader. The error message is displayed(short-term) on the PinPad reader screen (Firefox bug report).
  • Because of the QT library error DigiDoc4 Client will stop working if you computer has one of the videocards from this webpage installed. To solve the problem, 1st remove eID software your computer and then install the 32-bit version which is available here.
  • ID cards issued or updated since October 2017, work on macOS with the following web browsers: macOS 10.13 and 10.14 Safari, Chrome and Firefox, Mac OS X 10.11 is only supported by Firefox.
  • DigiDoc4 does not use systematic proxy settings under Ubuntu 18.04. (IB-5533)
  • The Firefox browser does not notify the user of a wrong PIN entry in the PIN1 input window.
  • PinPad reader screen says "Enter PUK" instead of "Enter PIN". (IB-5815)
  • In the DigiDoc4 client, the ID icon remains in the memory when the ID card is changed. (IB-5807)
  • In Linux, DigiDoc4 does not recognize the new Finnish ID card. (IB-5832)
  • When you open a signed PDF file and sign it again, the new signed file is saved to the same PDF directory, even if another default directory is configured. (IB-5819)
  • If there are three DigiDoc4 windows open in Ubuntu, the PIN code will be requested and an error message will be displayed in the wrong window. (IB-5808)
  • When saving the contents of an envelope with multiple data files in a folder, all files with the same name will be overwritten even if the user chooses not to replace the files. (IB-5822)



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