ID-software versions support period (life cycle)

In the table below you can find information regarding ID-software support cycle. The information contains different ID-software versions support period and software usage restriction dates. Critical security patches are released only for the latest version of ID-software

ID-software is a security software and it is important to always use the latest version. eID-software has automatic software update functionality and new software should be installed when you get the relevant notification.

Software version support end means that the information regarding the version in Help Center will not be updated, reported errors in that version are not tested, functionality and change requests are not processed and compatibility issues with operating systems are not handled. 

By using software that is not supported the user takes responsibility for the problems caused from using unsupported software.

Version Lifecycle start date
Support end date The date after which security patches are not released
19.7 22.07.19    
19.3 08.04.19 22.07.19 22.07.19
18.12 03.12.18 08.04.19 08.04.19
18.10 30.10.18 03.12.18 03.12.18 
18.6 13.06.18 30.10.18 30.10.18
18.3 27.03.18 13.06.18 13.06.18
17.12 21.12.17 27.03.18 27.03.18
17.11 20.11.17 21.12.17 21.12.17
17.10 02.11.17 20.11.17 20.11.17 
17.8 15.08.17 02.11.17 02.11.17
17.6 20.06.17 15.08.17 15.08.17
17.2 15.02.17 20.06.17 20.06.17
17.1 01.02.1715.02.17 15.02.17


Table with older version is here.


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