Terms and Conditions

By uploading your certificate to our OCSP responder database, using our OCSP responder, using our document portal or otherwise using any related services provided on this site, you confirm that you have familiarized yourself with the following conditions and fully agree to comply with them. If you do not agree or comply with these services, do not use any of the provided services.

  • Demonstration purposes only. The services on this site are provided only for technology demonstration purposes and are not intended for real-life usage. For actual implementation, technology provided on this site must be maintained and operated by the relevant party in the corresponding validation and digital signature community.

  • No liability. The operator of these services disclaims any and all liability regarding the validity information provided by the OCSP validity service on this site. The responses provided by this service may or may not reflect actual certificate validity status. For actual and up-to-date validity information, please contact the issuer of the certificate.

  • Privacy commitment. The operator of these services ensures that all the data submitted to these services, including the certificates uploaded into the responder database and the documents uploaded to the document portal, will remain accessible only through these services and will not be disseminated to third parties. The documents uploaded to the document portal will be deleted after an indicated period of time and will then no longer be accessible to anybody, including the original uploader.

  • No legal validity for signatures and documents. The technology used on this site is suitable for creating digital signatures and documents having legal validity and being equivalent to handwritten signatures according to European Community directive 1999/93/EC and national legislations. However, the documents that are produced in the example document portal on this site cannot be considered legally valid, as the certificate status info provided by these services may not reflect actual up-to-date status. For considering documents and signatures valid, the validity service must be operated by a relevant party who can provide up-to-date certificate validity info.

  • Relying party responsibility disclaimer. You agree that if you are producing documents created in this document portal to a relying party, you will clearly inform the relying party that these documents are created using testing services and cannot be considered legally valid. If you fail to observe this obligation and the relying party acts out of good faith believing that the documents provided by you are legally valid, you may be prosecuted and held responsible in the court of law for malicious intent and behaviour.

  • Operator contact. The operator of these services is AS Sertifitseerimiskeskus, available at www.sk.ee, tel +372 6101 880 or e-mail info at sk dot ee dot  The operator may be contacted with any questions about these services, as well as questions about technology availability for real-life deployment. 


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