How to verify signatures created with test certificates with DigiDoc4 Client

To verifiy signatures in DigiDoc4 client, that have been created with test certificates it is needed to manually configure test certificates or the signature validation check will return status "Unknown".  The configuration is different for old DDOC format and new BDOC/ASiC-E format.

Starting from DigiDoc client version 3.10 the certificate trustworthiness for documents in BDOC/ASiC-E format is determined with TSL lists ( Trust Service Status List ). TSL's are used for both document signing and signature validation. 

It is possible to use digidoc-tool.exe command line program to validate BDOC and ASiC-E signatures, the program is located at DigiDoc4 client's installation directory. Instructions for using the command line program for creating and validating test signatures can be found here.

Alternatively, it is possible to validate BDOC/ASiC-E signatures with DigiDoc4 client application, if the default TSL list URL and TSL signature certificate data in the underlying Libdigidocpp library's source code are changed and the application is recompiled. Further instructions are provided here


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