Instructions for updating the certificates

Estonian ID cards, residence permits, and digi-ID cards issued as of autumn 2014 are affected by a security vulnerability. For security reasons, the state blocked the digital use of these cards starting from 4 November. If you wish to continue making bank transfers, viewing your child’s grades in e-school, submitting income tax returns to the Tax and Customs Board etc. with a card issued during this period, you have to update the certificates of your ID card.

What should you do before updating your certificates?

  1. Do you need to update your card? 
  2. You may check whether your certificates need to be renewed.
  3. Watch the video tutorial on updating the certificates.
  4. Download the newest version of the ID software at and follow the instructions on the screen. Mac OS X users can download the newest version from Apple’s App Store. ID-Utility should be 3.12.9 or newer!
  5. If you do not remember your PIN codes, be sure to find them before starting the update process. The PIN1 code needs to be entered a few times during the update process.
  6. Make sure you have a pen and paper at hand before starting the update process, as you will be provided new PIN codes in the course of the process and the previous codes will become invalid.
  7. If you have encrypted files (.cdoc files) on your computer, please decrypt and save the files. After updating the certificates, it will not be possible to open previously encrypted files.
  8. Keep your ID card in the card reader for the entire update process. Do not remove the card before the update is complete, as it will not be possible to update your certificates remotely once the process has been interrupted. In that case, you will need to visit a service point of the Police and Border Guard Board.
  9. Keep in mind that there might be high demand on the remote update server at times, which may impair access to the server and cause delays. 
  10. If an error message is displayed in the course of the update process, you may remove the card and try again later. If the system has issued several error messages and the update process has failed, you can update your certificates at the Police and Border Guard Board service points.
  11. Starting from 4 November, those certificates which are potentially affected by the security vulnerability and that have not been renewed have been suspended (deactivated). Note that this means that these cards can no longer be used digitally (for logging into e-services or digitally signing documents) but can be updated remotely.

Instructions for updating your certificates

To prevent errors, close all other programmes and windows on your computer and only pay attention to updating the certificates.

  1. Insert the card into the card reader.
  2. Open the ID card utility software.
  3. Click on “Update” and follow the instructions on screen:
    • Enter PIN1 code and click on “Continue”.
    • Read the terms and conditions of certificates, check the box “I agree to the terms and conditions of certificates” and click on “Yes”.
    • Enter PIN1 code and click on “Continue”.
    • Enter PIN1 code again and click on “Continue”.
    • Attention! Make sure to write down the new PIN codes, as old PIN codes cannot be used after the update process! 
    • Check the box “I have written down PIN1, PIN2, and PUK codes” and click on “Continue”.
    • Enter the NEW PIN1 code and click on “Continue”.
    • Enter the NEW PIN1 code for the second time and click on “Continue”.
    • Enter the NEW PIN1 code for the third time and click on “Continue”.
    • Click on “Close”.

After the update

To use updated ID-card, download the newest version of the ID software at Older versions of the software are not compatible with the new certificates and therefore it is not possible to use updated ID-card with the older versions of the ID software.


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