Information for MacOS users

Unfortunately, Mac users are likely to experience problems using e-services with the updated ID card in Safari, as this web browser does not currently support the new EC (elliptic curves) encryption algorithm. A new solution for Mac users is in development, but its launch is also dependent on the development of technical capacities by Apple. 

The updated ID card can be used in the Firefox web browser and since March 2018 also with Google Chrome. To avoid any issues while using your ID-card, make sure that you are using the latest version of Google Chrome and have installed the components required for online authentication and digital signing with your ID-card. The required components can be found here: After installing the required components, plugins have to be activated. The instructions for doing so.
Mac users will be able to use all e-services with mobile ID. We therefore advise all Mac users to apply for a mobile ID at their mobile network operator’s service point.
Mac users will be able to digitally sign documents (DigiDoc3 client).


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