DigiDoc4 Known issues

Verison 0.5.018 

  • Loading a picture does end up with an error. Issue will be resolved with next release.
  • Windows does not have right click context menu in DigiDoc4 for signing and encryption.
  • By default, the DigiDoc3 client is selected to open signature and encryption documents, unless the file associations have been modified and both software are installed.
  • The DigiDoc4 shortcut icon is not installed during the installation.
  • PDF document signing is not supported.
  • When you add signature already signed PDF file, a new container BDOC/ASIC-E is created and it can be signed.
  • You can sign the DDOC file if you add a extra file to the container at the same time and then remove the extra file before signing.
  • In the encrypted envelope, it is not possible to add or remove recipients.
  • DigiDoc4 has no option: "I want to encrypt using older DigiDoc3 Crypto software (version 3.8 and earlier)".
  • When you open a "adoc" file with a "Warning" marker, there is no warning description.
  • Installing Linux will fail if DigiDoc3 already exists.

Changes compared to previous version:

  • DigiDoc4 does not crash when entering the wrong PIN when signing. (Linux)
  • When you open container the temporarily file is written to  % temp % folder. (Windows)
  • SafeNet e-Token signing and encryption support.
  • When signing with a Mobile-ID, the country code (372) is automatically added.
  • UI / UX fixes.
  • When decrypting, the file is also downloaded by pressing the download button.
  • Created option to encrypt / decrypt with Digi-ID.
  • Under the proxy settings, the password is hidden **** (password is not in plain text).
  • Removed option to add files to already signed files ("add more files" button is not displayed).
  • By selecting "Encrypt with DigiDoc4" from the right click, the file will be encrypted. (macOS)
  • Invalid / Unknown signature information button "More Information"  will direct to ID.ee web.


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