DigiDoc4 Known issues

  • If you enter wrong PIN-code DigiDoc4 crashes (Ubuntu).
  • When signing a signed PDF file, a new container is created and can be signed as BDOC/ASIC-E. PDF signing is not supported.
  • DDOC over signing is only possible if you add a additional file to the container and then remove it before signing.
  • When DigiDoc 3 and 4 are installed then by default, the DigiDoc3 client is selected to open signed and encrypted files. User can modifie a file associations.
  • With DigiDoc4 you can’t add or remove recipients to already encrypted container.
  • DigiDoc4 has no option: I want to encrypt using older DigiDoc3 Crypto software (version 3.8 and earlier).
  • In case of opening an "adoc" file that has a signature with restrictions, by opening the details page of the signature, there is a headline for warning but there is no warning description.
  • DigiDoc4 has no options for right click signing. 
  • Does not support eToken (corporate certificates such as e-Seal and crypto).


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