How to create a diagnostics report using DigiDoc4 client

 The diagnostics window is the main tool for resolving problems that may occur in installation and use of ID-card software.


  • Launch DigiDoc4 client.
  • Click on the Setings button.

  • Click on the Diagnostics button.
  • The software collects information on your operating system, basic software versions, card reader drivers and checks ID-card-related functions: card authentication, reading the certificate list, reading the personal data file, etc.

  • If you cannot get your ID-card working on your own, save the diagnostics report into a file by clicking SAVE DIAGNOSTICS
  • A save file dialogue will open.
  • Select the destination folder where you wish to save the diagnostics report.
  • The file containing the diagnostics report will be saved in .txt format.
  • Email the report file together with the error description to support team. Use Ask for Help form in


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