How to sign documents with ID-card in DigiDoc4 Client?

There is two options to sign documents:

1. Go to the desired document or documents and right-click on "Sign digitally"

2. Alternatively, open the DigiDoc4 client

  • Drag document or documents into the window or click on the button "... OR LOAD FILE FROM DISK"
  • If you want to add more documents then click on the button "+ ADD MORE FILES"
  • In the main you can see all the documents that will be signed. If everything is OK, click SIGN WITH ID-CARD
  • If you want then you can add role or resolution What do signer role/resolution mean and how to add them to the document?
  • Enter the requested PIN2 code.

Digital signing was successful if signature has been added to the container and you see similar outcome:


With signed documents you can do a variety of activities, such as:

NB! You cannot change the contents of the signed document, but you can add or remove signatures.

If you want to add your signature for signed document

  • Save the document into your computer
  • Open signed document with DigiDoc4 client
  • Add your signature

If you have problems with digital signing then you can look up solution from here


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